A Guide On How To Dye A Ginger Wig

by Taylore

Change is hard. Not everyone can change their hair color, to begin with. Also, very few would transform it into something bold. The idea of changing your usual black hair color to ginger can be scary. A ginger lace front wig is beautiful and works well for those with fair skin tones. The wig has plenty of shades to pick from, like ginger cognac, ginger mango, and pure ginger. You might want to get the wig due to its popularity. Coloring an existing old wig is also an option with the correct procedure. This write-up guides you on how to dye a ginger wig.

Steps for dying a ginger wig

The ginger hair color is great. You require some tools to use through the coloring process. Examples include color, color brush, dye, broad toothbrush, gloves, mixing bowl, etc. Select a good wig, 100 percent human hair o ease the procedure. Here are the steps for creating a ginger wig.

1. Mix the ginger wig ingredients

In every hair coloring scenario, you must prepare the dye. In very few cases will the solution come ready. This is why transforming a wig is a delicate process, and any wrong move can ruin everything. It’s often advisable to see a hairstylist for this to be safe. A stylist uses the correct and exact measurements and doesn’t assume anything. However, hair coloring at home is also okay if you follow every given instruction. You can alter a few things depending on the hair. But, you must understand the effect.

So mix the ingredients well before applying. Note that the longer the mixing takes, the better the color shade. Don be tempted to use after 5 minutes of mixing. Nevertheless, don’t go beyond the 20 minutes mark. Once done, let the solution rest to make the expected results even better.

2. Prepare the wig for coloring

Apply a good amount of dye to the wig for better coloring. Remember you are changing from the original wig color to ginger. This first coat of stain will help the actual ginger color attach to the wig. Ensure to cover every part and blend accordingly. After the application, leave for a few minutes the wash the hair. Clean out the excess dye, and then air dry the wig for some time. Gently brush through the hair since it is delicate.

3. Apply the color on the ginger wig

At this point, the hair is completely dry. Pick the mixture you left to rest and confirm if the shade is what you wanted. If yes, go ahead and apply it all over the hair. The amount you use depends on how deep you want the color. Keep adding if you wish for a darker shade. Once done, wash the hair and ensure you use a conditioner. The wig is now transformed fully, and the color doesn’t come out when washed.

To sum up

The steps above are straightforward as long as you have the right ingredients. Follow all instructions to get the perfect ginger shade. The shade gets darker with time so let the mixture sit before applying. Also, use a single color coat if you want a lighter shade of ginger. Add more for a deeper shade but don’t overdo it.

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