How do I know if my crystal necklace is original ?

How do I know if my crystal necklace is original ?

Crystals have always been an elegant fashion statement. Now, more than ever, it is rapidly gaining more popularity due to the high demand for crystal necklaces. However, some fakes have penetrated the market to look natural, and it can be hard to tell the fakes apart. Imagine spending so much money buying a crystal necklace to later learn that you got the fake. It's so disheartening. Like Superman, this article is coming to your rescue!

We will discuss how you can determine a fake crystal from an authentic one. But first, let's look into the characteristics of natural gemstone crystals.

1. Crystals take a while to form

Genuine crystals are natural products formed over years and even centuries from the interaction of the earth, minerals, and other natural resources. You can't create a crystal overnight, which is one reason gemstone crystals are precious.

2. Natural crystal gemstones are said to have energy and are vibrational

These crystals have absorbed and hold energy that can be felt when you hold one. They are also said to have healing powers and are of high quality.

3. Real crystals score higher on the Moh's hardness scale

This scale can tell genuine crystals from the fakes by its score. The higher the score on the scale, the greater the resilience of the stone.

4. Real crystals have characteristic markings

These stones take longer to form, and as such, there'll be some markings and growth structures.

Features of fake crystals

1. Mode of synthesis

Synthetic or fake crystal gemstones are made by melting in the laboratory through flux growth.

2. They have no healing properties or inward energy.

You can tell from touching it that it has no healing properties, and that's its colored modified glass.

3. It's ridiculously cheap

If you want to know if a crystal is real or fake, most times, the price isn't as much as the authentic ones making it easier to obtain in the market.

How to avoid buying fakes

•  Always purchase your jewelry from reputable sources

This has to be the most reliable and safe way of purchasing crystals. If you're sure of the source, there's no need to worry. You can find reputable online stores by reading reviews of people who have patronized the business. You can also ask for help from your family and friends who purchase jewelry a lot. They might just know someone who sells quality jewelry.

• You might be able to tell from the names

Some crystals are called different exotic names. They are most likely fakes that are synthetic and made in the laboratory. However, this is not a good indicator, and it can be pretty hard to tell. It'd be best to familiarize yourself with the names of natural crystals.

• You can test the hardness

If you walk into a jewelry store and select the one you like, you can test the hardness. The authentic ones are harder and stronger than the fakes. The Moh's scale can be used. After you find the crystal's score, you can scratch it with any other crystal with a lower score. If, perchance, it gets damaged, then you've bought a fake.


These tips will come in handy when you're visiting a jewelry store. You can read through this again to ensure you understand all the directions.