PullyPalz are a Mom’s Best Friend

PullyPalz are a Mom’s Best Friend

PullyPalz is such an inventive idea.  I always had such a tough time keeping my kids pacifiers or teethers in reach when I was driving.  Then there were times if they were in their bouncy seat that it would get under their bottom and I couldn’t figure out where they ran off to.

What are PullyPalz you ask?

PullyPalz are not only helpful to Moms and Dads, but are developmentally beneficial.  This invention is also entertaining for your baby.  It will hold a pacifier on each side and with it being on a pully system if it falls out of their mouth or hand they can grab the other one which brings the first one back up.  Normally where they can readily see it.  This will save you the time of reaching into the backseat while driving trying to retrieve the fallen pacifier. (Not that any of us did that or does that).

The inspiration behind PullyPalz came from a mother of two. She felt like they were constantly picking up pacifiers that had been dropped. Even though the baby spit them out, they still want them, right at that moment. They would call it, ‘the pacifier game’.  They found it difficult to play continually.

The creator said, “It was one of those, ‘I wish somebody would invent a….’ A what?? What could make it so babies can keep up with their pacifiers? The clips helped ME keep up with them, but they didn’t help the baby. Babies don’t understand when it’s behind their shoulder or side… Out of sight, out of mind.

About the PullyPalz

Meet the Palz. MoMo, Puddles and MooMoo are the loveable friends that both you and your child will love and find some comfort in. They are always ready to help you out.  MoMo, MooMoo and Puddles are each 100% material safe and ready to be a treasured part of your family. They also have a frog named Puddles the Frog.

They also have Teethers that are called Teetheez, that easily attach onto the PullyPalz and they come in flowers or sports. Perfect for a little girl or boy. You can purchase these also from PullyPalz.

You can purchase them online or see if their store locator has a store near you.

Find them on: Facebook | Twitter |Website

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